EastEnders viewers can expect clue-filled scenes next week on the BBC soap, as there are some links to the Christmas Day episode.

A flashforward recently confirmed a murder will take place with six suspects, one of whom was wearing a wedding dress with no explanation as to why.

Next week on the show, several of the suspects feature in the new scenes with Sharon Watts' wedding dress from the future clip making another appearance.

There could be another return on the cards too, as one character makes a decision that possibly paves the way for a past character to make a comeback.

One bad boy gets on the wrong side of two residents next week, as he verbally attacks them before giving a sinister threat. Here's everything to look out for...

EastEnders return for past character?

EastEnders fans may see another familiar face back in Walford soon, if Patrick Trueman has his way.

Spoilers for next week on the BBC soap see the character drop a big confession, paving the way for a former character's return.

In fact, Patrick sets off to find the character and bring them back to Walford while it hasn't been confirmed that the character is coming back.

It all kicks off when in honour of his ex-wife Yolande's 70th birthday, Patrick puts a bet on a horse called ‘Little Prayer’ as it was the song that was played at their wedding.

The horse comes in and Patrick treats the family to a celebration meal at Walford East. He takes the moment as a sign too, and warns young Denzel never to take love for granted.

It's then that Patrick drops a bombshell on his loved ones, and he announces that he’s going to see Yolande and intends to win her back. But will he be successful and does this mean Yolande is returning to the soap for good?

Flashforward clue

EastEnders is set to revisit the random wedding dresses on Albert Square, which will seemingly play a major factor in the Christmas storyline teased in a flashforward last month.

The BBC soap teased a shock new Albert Square murder victim in a grisly flashforward scene, in which Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) was seen wearing a wedding dress.

The sensational twist foreshadowed the death of one character – but their identity is under wraps until Christmas.

BBC One soap fans are already aware that Kat and Phil are set to get married at Christmas this year, but it was instead Sharon wearing a wedding dress in the flashforward scene.

New BBC spoilers have now revealed that next week sees the return of the ominous wedding dresses to the screen, which were last seen when Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) took delivery of numerous frocks.

BBC One viewers at home were previously distracted by one wedding dress in particular among Big Mo’s stock, which appeared to be identical to the one Sharon had been wearing during the flashforward episode.

Ravi vs the Brannings

New spoilers reveal Ravi Gulati issues fling Denise Fox with a sinister threat that leaves her shaking, while he also targets her husband Jack Branning.

Ravi has been blackmailing Denise over their secret passion, despite Denise now avoiding him and wanting to stay with Jack.

Jack seemingly has no idea about their brief romance, while things have been rocky for the pair in recent weeks due to family troubles.

Detective Jack also isn't aware currently that his investigation into Ravi and his dodgy dealings has been compromised, with Denise telling Ravi - only for Ravi to blackmail her to shut it down.

When Denise invites Chelsea round for a family games night, she's not expecting her new love interest Ravi to invite himself along - obviously compromising Jack's investigation.

Denise and Jack are horrified when they arrive together, and as the night goes on and Ravi starts twisting the knife with both of them.

As Jack fumes, Denise later smugly puts Ravi in his place over the situation as she refuses to back down. But he soon issues a threat to her that leaves her shaking in her boots - so what does he say?

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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